Listen to Autograf’s ‘Nobody Knows’ feat WYNNE from ‘The Innocents’

Autograf’s ‘Nobody Knows‘ is the perfect song for new Netflix series The Innocents

The mournful Autograf song ‘Nobody Knows‘ feat WYNNE was one of the songs featured on the new Netflix series The Innocents.

The track was heard on the first episode of the series — “The Start of Us” — as June and her dad are driving behind the school bus.

Autograf, aka Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing, is a house/electronic group that started off by remixing songs by artists like Lorde and Pharrell.

Later on, however, they started to release their own original music, which culminated in their debut EP Future Soup in 2016.

Autograf’s ‘Nobody Knows‘ feat. WYNNE was released as a stand-alone single in early 2017. It also has an extended mix that is just as pretty.

The song itself grabs you due to its strong piano intro, its powerful electronic rhythm and its suggestion that it belongs on the soundtrack of a movie more than anywhere else.

As someone said in the comments of the YouTube video of the song “If you drive your car in the rain to this song you’ll feel like you’re in a movie scene”. Ain’t that the truth!

Music Supervisors of some of the most popular TV series obviously felt the same, as ‘Nobody Knows‘ has also appeared in How To Get Away With Murder, The Blacklist, and Teen Wolf.

You can listen to Autograf’s ‘Nobody Knows‘ in the video below. You can also hear it in the Spotify widget below that. And, nope, addictive and cinematic doesn’t even begin to describe it.

The Innocents stars Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, and Guy Pearce and looks like it could become the next big Netflix teen hit. Watch the trailer for that below too.

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