Listen to Band of Horses’ ‘Whatever, Wherever’ from ‘Elementary’ — It’s Sweet, Lovely and a Bit Beach Boy-Like (Video)

Charleston-based American rock band Band of Horses had music featured on the latest episode of ‘Elementary‘ on Sunday night — Season 5, Episode 16, “Fidelity“.

The track is called ‘Whatever, Wherever‘, and was played when Kitty takes Sherlock to St. Mark’s and asks if he and Watson will be Archie’s godparents.

Band of Horses ‘Whatever, Wherever‘ was written by lead singer Ben Bridwell and is from their fifth studio album Why Are You OK, which was released in June, 2016 to generally good reviews.

It is a song that has a little bit of a Beach Boys feel to it, and was written about Bridwell’s three young daughters — Annabelle, Ivy and Birdie.

The official video for the song has the band playing the track live, amidst video clips of Bridwell and his family swimming, having barbecues, driving around on go-karts and just generally have a great time together.

Listen to ‘Whatever, Wherever’ below and watch that lovely family-oriented video. Because you don’t get many families that close nowadays.

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