Listen to Banks ‘Crowded Places’ from ‘Girls’ Because It’s Perfect

Banks 'Crowded Places' appeared on 'Girls' last night

Banks ‘Crowded Places‘ was so perfect for the ending of Sunday night’s ‘Girls

American singer songwriter Banks ‘Crowded Places‘ was featured on ‘Girls‘ this week — Season 6, Episode 9, “Goodbye Tour” — the next to last episode of the entire series.

The track was played right at the end of the episode as Hannah (Lena Dunham) seemed to have decided she had made up her mind and moving to the suburbs to teach, and provided a perfect sadness for the feeling we were all left with after that upheaval of an episode.

Maybe these girls were never friends after all?

Banks ‘Crowded Places‘ is a new release and really is gorgeous. Because it’s soft, ethereal but, at the same time, powerful and introspective.

But what made the song so bloody brilliant on ‘Girls‘ last night was Lena Dunham singing along with it in the car. (see video below)

Something Banks herself commented on on her Facebook page, because she loved it too. “This was very special. Watching Lena Dunham sing along to my song. So happy to be included in this”.

Listen to Banks ‘Crowded Places‘ below. There is no word yet on if the track is going to be included on Banks’ next album but…it should be.

As for ‘Girls‘, sadly, that show is coming to an end next week, and then all we will be left with is re-runs. I’m not sure I can take it.

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