Listen to Banners’ ‘Half Light’ From ‘The Royals’ — Stunningly Beautiful


British singer Banners (aka Michael Joseph Nelson) has been getting yet more attention over the last couple of weeks since his song ‘Half Light’ was featured on the E! series ‘The Royals‘ on January 17th — (Season 2, Episode 10 – “The Serpent That Did Sting Thy Father’s Life“).

The track was heard at the end of the episode as Helena starts to walk away from Cyrus and, since then, it seems like half the Internet is looking for where to download a Banners ‘Half Light‘ MP3 file. It really is that popular.

Having ‘Half Light‘ featured on The Royals isn’t a first for Banners, however, as his single ‘Shine a Light‘ was also featured on the show back in December and, yes, it garnered similar rapt attention.

Think too, if you are one of the many people who are just learning about Banners, you’re getting in on the ground floor as he’s going to be huge.

Meanwhile, if you want to hear more of his music, the Liverpool native released his debut EP this month. It’s a 5-track beauty, with every song just gorgeously done, and well worth a listen and, of course, a purchase.

As for ‘Half Light‘, you can listen to that in the video below and luxuriate in the beautiful piano intro, and Banner’s stunning voice.

And, no, sadly, the track is not from his debut EP so, if you want to download a Banners ‘Half Light‘ MP3, you will have to buy the entire The Royals soundtrack album to get it. Sorry, but that’s just how it is.


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