Listen to Banners’ ‘Shine A Light’ from ‘The Good Doctor’

Listen to Banners’ ‘Shine A Light’ from ‘The Good Doctor

British singer songwriter Banners is one of those musicians whose work seems to have really captured the attention of TV series’ music supervisors. So much so, his songs have already appeared in shows like The Royals, Suits, Doubt and Teen Wolf.

This week, another Banner’s song ‘Shine A Light‘ was featured on the new medical series The Good Doctor — Season 1, Episode 7, “22 Steps”. It was played when Claire asks Jared about his surgery.

And, while Banners has released a number of singles including the anthem-like ‘Shine A Light‘, and a self-titled debut EP which the track also appeared on, he has yet to release an album.

Let’s hope next year is the year for that, as the music he produces is superb as is his voice.

Listen to Banners’ ‘Shine A Light‘ below to see what I mean.

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