Listen to Basenji’s ‘Can’t Get Enough’ from ‘Nerve’ — Cute Kawaii-Style Sound


The Basenji electro-pop track ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ is featured in the new techno-thriller movie ‘Nerve‘. It was played right at the beginning of the film, when we see Vee on her computer.

Can’t Get Enough‘ is a light and happy track with a definite Kawaii-sound to it, which actually sets up the movie well, particularly as it descends into something a lot darker and more disturbing soon after.

As for Basenji, aka Sebastian Muecke, he is an Australian electronic music producer and DJ that is just starting out making a name for himself. Being featured in ‘Nerve‘ will certainly help him along.

Listen to Basenji’s ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ below. You can currently grab the track on most major online music sites.

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