Listen to Becky G’s ‘Break a Sweat’ from Angel City, Ep 1 end credits – a cool, catchy dance track

The HBO Max women’s football documentary premiered yesterday and, while the show doesn’t interest me that much (I’m not a sports fan), the music featured on the show’s soundtrack definitely does.


Especially when you can hear Becky G’s ‘Break a Sweat‘ playing over the Angel City, Episode 1, “Part One: “Brick by Brick” end credits.

Becky G’s ‘Break a Sweat‘ came out in 2015 when the American pop singer (real name Rebbeca Marie Gomez) was still only 18-years-old with the dance pop song becoming an immediate hit for the California native.

Interestingly too, the song was not originally written for Becky G.

Instead, ‘Break a Sweat‘ was initially meant to be a Demi Lovato release.

But Lovato, who sadly seems to have been suffering from emotional problems for years, some of it due to extensive drug and alcohol use, got into an argument with Dr. Luke, the song’s producer and one of the track’s songwriters, and reportedly marched out of the studio.

Dr. Luke then decided to offer the song to Becky G. and the rest is history.

Becky G’s ‘Break a Sweat‘ went on to chart at #36 on the Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart in the United States, as well as high up charts in Slovakia, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

Listen to Becky G’s ‘Break a Sweat‘ as heard on Angel City this week on the song’s official VEVO music video, and on Spotify where the catchy upbeat track has currently earned almost 45 million streams.

Angel City features Jennifer Garner, Natalie Portman, and Alexis Ohanian, along with the female players of the Angel City Football Club.

All three episodes of the docuseries are currently streaming via HBO Max.


Michelle Topham