Listen to Belle and Sebastian’s ‘Ever Had A Little Faith’ from ‘The Young Pope’ — Sweet, Simple and Lovely

Indie pop band Belle and Sebastian‘s ‘Ever Had A Little Faith‘ was featured on the HBO series ‘The Young Pope‘ — Season  1, Episode 10’, and it’s a song that has been stuck in my head ever since I heard it. Because it’s very very early Belle and Sebastian — one of the first songs written frontman Stuart Murdoch, even before the band’s debut album in 1996 — and it’s sweet, and simple, and lovely.

Ever Had A Little Faith‘ was eventually recorded by the Scottish band for their album Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance.

Stuart Murdoch talked about the track to Drowned in Sound when the album was released last year. He had this to say about its meaning:

“The song was from back in the day, when I often imagined wayward heroines in the same predicament that I was in. I used to imagine the kind of person that if I wished I could run into, round the next corner.

The sentiment was based on a sermon that our then minister, John Christie, preached about simply getting through a dark night, and the hope of morning”.

Listen to the track below. It has a distinct 1960s Velvet Underground feel to it, and is one of those songs you listen to once, don’t think anything about it and then realize you’re still humming it hours later.

If you like it, you can grab it along with the whole Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance album on most major music sites.

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