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Listen to Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s ‘Summer’ from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ — Mellow and Pretty


British singer songwriter Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s gorgeous track ‘Summer’ was featured in ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ this week – Season 13, Episode 6, “Roar“. It was heard when Meredith was lying in bed waiting for Alex to come home.

The song is from Leftwich’s new album After The Rain, which was released in August on the Dirty Hit label.

And if you wonder if you have heard Benjamin Francis Leftwich’s music before, if you listen to music on Spotify, you probably have. That’s because his song ‘Shine‘ was the most repeated song on Spotify in 2014.

This year, though, it’s ‘Summer‘ that is getting quite a lot of interest. Listen to it below. Now that’s pretty.

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