Listen To Billie Eilish’s ‘Six Feet Under’ from Pretty Little Liars — Mezmerizing


Billie Eilish’s ‘Six Feet Under‘ was featured on Pretty Little Liars this week — Tuesday, June 28th, Season 7, Episode 2 — “Uber A“, and it is a stunningly beautiful song that you may be mesmerized by even more when you find out Billie Eilish is only 14 years old.

Six Feet Under‘ is also Eilish’s follow up to her first single ‘Ocean Eyes’, which debuted late last year and soon had over 11 million streams on Spotify. And, yes, it is likely to be as big of a hit too.

Because it is not just Billie Eilish’s haunting voice that makes her songs so gorgeous, it is also the heart-breakingly poignant lyrics she writes — “We trace my lips, You raise your touch, You talk too much for me, But all well like smoking air. How can you die carelessly?

Listen to Billie Eilish’s ‘Six Feet Under‘ in the Soundcloud widget above, and then grab the newly released track from one of the major digital music sites. Because this girl, she is going to be huge.

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