Listen to Bjork’s ‘Come To Me’ from ‘Vulnicura Live’ — Rich and Gorgeous

bjork vulnicura live album art

Although Björk’s Soundcloud account says her latest release ‘Come To Me‘ was released on July 15th, unless she has a time machine we don’t know about (although with Björk, I suppose you never really know), I highly doubt that’s true.

The track did hit Soundcloud a couple of days ago, though (June 15th), it’s from her latest album Vulnicura Live, which comes out on July 29th, and it’s as experimental as you might expect from Björk

This live version of ‘Come To Me‘ was recorded during her 2015 Vulnicura Tour, and it really is a lovely and much richer reworked version of the original track with some pretty gorgeous strings.

Then again, you can’t really expect anything else from Björk, who has been named one of the world’s most innovative musicians, and is known as someone who is continually redefining her music and who she is.

Vulnicura Live can currently be pre-ordered on all major music platforms. Listen to ‘Come To Me‘ live below.

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