Listen to Black Oshin’s ‘Dope House (Chopped & Screwed)’ from ‘Euphoria’, Season 1, Episode 6

Black Oshin’s ‘Dope House (Chopped & Screwed)’ was that dope song that showed up on the last episode of HBO’s Euphoria this week.

The track was played as we see Jules getting drunk and dancing around, as she still holds the bottle in her hand.

And sadly, that is all you are going to learn about Black Oshin and his song ‘Dope House (Chopped & Screwed)’ as, like a growing number of new artists it seems, he has not yet put any information about himself or his work online.

Except for his Soundcloud page, that is, which features another five songs — it looks like that’s all you’re going to get out of him. For now.

So, yes, while I am thrilled for him that he got his music featured on Euphoria, come on, dude, it’s the age of the Internet.

That means, the less information about you there is online, the less fans you are going to have and the less your music will be bought and shared. And that’s a shame. Because, what I’ve heard so far, is pretty damned nice.

Listen to Black Oshin’s ‘Dope House (Chopped & Screwed)‘ in the video below. And hope he eventually starts to tell us who he is.

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