Listen to Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard’ from 1899, Episode 5, “The Calling” with that amazing harmonica

Iconic English rock band Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard‘ was the latest dark ending song playing on Episode 4 of the new German ultra creepy horror series 1899 this week — 1899, Season 1, Episode 5, “The Calling“.

The gorgeous harmonica of the song’s intro began playing as the passengers are on the deck of the ship and see the ‘Sink Ship’ message, and as Henry receives a new message.

Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard‘ was released in February, 1970 on the band’s self-titled debut studio album via the Vertigo label in the UK, while Warner Bros released it in the United States.

Unlike in most other countries where ‘Evil Woman‘ was the lead single, ‘The Wizard‘ was released as the band’s debut single in France. That decision was said to be part of the reason the band’s album hit #10 on the French Albums chart.

The song ultimately hit #4 on the UK Singles chart, as well as also making it to #61 on the Billboard Hot 100.

As for Black Sabbath’s debut album, it ranked at #8 on the UK Albums chart, #23 on the Billboard Hot 200, and ranked high on charts in six other countries.


Cover art for Black Sabbath’s debut album

Nowadays, it is thought of as the first true heavy metal album, and is one of those albums listed on many critics’ lists of albums you must listen to in your lifetime.

What is also astounding about the band’s now legendary debut album is that, unlike most full-length releases nowadays that take weeks or months to record and a huge amount of money, Black Sabbath’s debut album was recorded in less than 12 hours.

The band said they just went into the studio, played their usual live set while recording it and, voila, they were done. They even made it to the pub before closing time.

Listen to Black Sabbath’s ‘The Wizard‘ from that album as heard on 1899 this week on the album itself, and in the video.

And, if you think musicians then in their late 60s don’t still have what it takes to create something amazing, watch the live performance of ‘The Wizard‘ three of the band’s original members (Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler) gave in 2017 during their The Angelic Sessions recordings.

Yep, still got it.

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