Listen to Blur’s ‘Song 2’ from Quantum Leap, Season 1, Ep. 7 – a brilliant use for ‘Woohoo’, eh?

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Blur’s ‘Song 2‘ was played on the new episode of Quantum Leap this week — Quantum Leap, Season 1, Episode 7, “O Ye of Little Faith“.

The famous track was brilliantly heard at the end of the episode as Ben leaps to 1996 and ends up in the body of a teenager in the midst of a breakout from his school, the Sierra Youth Academy. Is it Ben as his younger self? Um… no.

Blur’s ‘Song 2‘ was released in 1997 on the band’s self-titled fifth studio album.

It is a song that, if you asked most non-Blur fans, they would probably think the song’s title is ‘Woohoo‘ due to its fabulous and brain-attaching chorus.

Calling the track ‘Song 2‘ was also apparently a joke the band played on the record company, as they had simply sped up a demo of the song and performed it much louder. They believed the record company would refuse to include the song on their upcoming album, especially once they told them they expected it to be massively successful.

Instead, record executives loved it, and the track went on to be just that… massively successful.

Blur’s ‘Song 2‘ became a #1 hit in the UK and Canada, as well as charted at #6 on the U.S. Alternative Airplay chart. It also hit charts in eight other countries or regions, and was ultimately nominated for various top awards.

Since its release, Blur’s ‘Song 2‘ is now known as one of the alternative rock band’s signature songs.

Listen to Blur’s ‘Song 2‘ as heard on last night’s Quantum Leap on their self-titled album, and in the track’s music video.

And just to prove how succesful ‘Song 2‘ was for the indie band, its music video currently has almost 156 million views on YouTube, and almost 580 million plays on Spotify alone.

Not bad for a joke, eh?

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