Listen to Bon Iver’s ‘Faith’ from The Equalizer, S3 E11 scenes in the synagogue

Last night’s episode of The EqualizerThe Equalizer, Season 3, Episode 11, “Never Again” — finished on a lovely note with the use of Bon Iver’s ‘Faith‘ on its soundtrack.

That uplifting song was heard as the police are making an arrest of the perpetrator involved in the anti-semitic hate crimes, and Harry walks away.

It continues over the montage of scenes in the synagogue.

Bon Iver‘s ‘Faith‘ was the fourth single from the indie folk band’s critically acclaimed fourth studio album I, I, which was released in 2019 on the Jagjaguwar label.

The album went on to top both the U.S. Folk Albums chart and the Independent Albums chart.

It also hit #3 on the Top Rock Albums chart, and the Top Alternative Albums chart, as well as hitting #26 on the Billboard 200.

In other words, the album was an enormous success for the alternative band. Especially as it also made it high up charts in 20 other countries, including the United Kingdom.

As for Bon Iver’s ‘Faith‘, that lovely track talks about both faith in religion and faith in relationships and admits, even though faith is diminishing in both, it hasn’t yet completely disappeared.

At least for the singer himself.

Listen to Bon Iver’s ‘Faith‘ as heard on The Equalizer on the band’s I,I album, and on the song’s official music video.


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