Listen to Bonfire Nights ‘Low’ from Lucky Hank E03 as Hank breaks open his father’s container

Bonfire Nights ‘Low’ was that haunting track playing on Lucky Hank last night as Hank decides to break open the container that has been dropped off on his driveway.

It keeps playing as he looks through his father’s belongings and finds letters to his father from his mother — Lucky Hank, Season 1, Episode 3, “Escape“.

Letters he did not know she had received because, as far as Hank is concerned, his mother had had little contact with his father since he left her.

The song was released by the Australian band as a single in 2015, and has since been licensed for play on popular TV shows like Elementary and The Royals.

When it released, the track came with a blurry and quite trippy music video of people dancing in the mist and cavorting in fields as shots of a skull on the ground appear, suggesting something of a mystical ritual taking place.

The band themselves spent several years in London recording music including ‘Low‘, and also performed several times in the U.S. before deciding to move back to Australia in 2018.

Unfortunately, Bonfire Nights has not released new music since 2016 when their debut album Entopica Phenomica came out.

Listen to The Bonfire Nights ‘Low’ from the latest episode of Lucky Hank in the song’s trippy music video, and on the Spotify player.

If you enjoy the Aussie band’s music, you can listen to all their releases so far streaming via Spotify.


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