Listen to Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bubble Gum’ from High Maintenance

Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bubble Gum‘ was featured on the soundtrack of the popular HBO comedy drama series High Maintenance last night — Season 3, Episode 6, “Fingerbutt“.

It was the third Brigitte Bardot song I have heard on American entertainment media in almost as many months, as the French actress’s ‘La Madrague‘ and ‘Une Historie de Plage‘ also showed up on the soundtrack of the black comedy film A Simple Favor back in September.

As for Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bubble Gum‘, it is a deceptively light, happy song as Bardot begins singing about the man in her life being like bubble gum — “tender and sweet as you lay in my arms…, until you lost your taste”, and then goes on to say she probably would have dumped him “but you stick to my shoe”.

Bardot’s 18-track album Bubble Gum was first released in 1965, and then re-released in 1994. The single was written by fellow French singer songwriter Serge Gainsbourg, who was also a one-time lover of Bardot’s.

Listen to Brigitte Bardot’s ‘Bubble Gum‘ in the video below. You can hear the entire album it came from in the Spotify widget below that.

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