Listen to Brigitte Bardot’s ‘La Madrague’ from A Simple Favor soundtrack

Listen to Brigitte Bardot’s ‘La Madrague‘ 

The new black comedy thriller A Simple Favor not only has a superb cast and a cool plot, it also has some of the best music I have heard on a movie soundtrack in a long time. Especially as most of the songs have a distinct French flair.

Take Brigitte Bardot’s ‘La Madrague‘, a track from A Simple Favor, and one that fits in perfectly with the neo-noir feel of the film.

Especially as Bardot’s ‘La Madrague’ is a famous song in France, and one with a light, sweet and romantic air that is quite the opposite of the movie’s events.

The track was written by Jean-Max Rivière and Gérard Bourgeois back in 1963, and is about the legendary Saint-Tropez house Bardot herself bought in the late 1950s and still lives in today.

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A Simple Favor stars Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick. The film was directed by Paul Feig, and was released in movie theaters in the United States on September 14th to mainly positive reviews.

Listen to Brigitte Bardot’s ‘La Madrague‘ from the film in the video below. You can also listen to the album it appears on — The Best of Bardot — in the Spotify widget below that.

It is also not the only Bardot song on the soundtrack of A Simple Favor, however, as another single ”Une Histoire de Plage‘ was also featured.

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