Listen to BROODS’ ‘Gaslight’ from The Good Doctor, Season 6, Ep. 13 – an incredibly pretty but sad song

The latest episode of the ABC medical drama The Good Doctor, which aired last night, featured several excellent songs on its soundtrack, including indie pop music duo BROODS’ ‘Gaslight‘.


That track was played on The Good Doctor, Season 6, Episode 13, “39 Differences” in the scenes where Shaun talks to Ricky’s mother about her marriage and as Audrey apologizes to her patient, and tells her she is back at the top of the waiting list.

BROODS’ ‘Gaslight‘ was released in February, 2022 on the New Zealand duo’s fourth studio album Space Island, which came out on the Island record label.

The album, unlike BROODS‘ previous full-length releases, only charted in New Zealand where it made it to #13 on that country’s Albums chart.

It also spawned three singles, although the incredibly pretty but sad ‘Gaslight‘ was not one of them.

The song’s lyrics are sung to someone who, while the singer admits she hurts him more than she doesn’t, she is still begging him not to leave.

Listen to BROODS’ ‘Gaslight‘ as played on The Good Doctor yesterday in the video, and on the duo’s 10-track Space Island album.

It is one of many songs BROODS has had featured on hit TV series since the duo was founded in 2013.

Season 6 of The Good Doctor is currently airing on ABC.

You can learn more about BROODS via the New Zealand artists’ official website.