Listen to Bryan Ferry’s ‘Let’s Stick Together’ – The Family Plan end credits song

British singer songwriter Bryan Ferry’s ‘Let’s Stick Together‘ is the first song playing over the action comedy film The Family Plan end credits this month.

The song begins to play as the Morgan family head off on their road trip to Stanford or Bust.

It ends as Dan Morgan (played by Mark Wahlberg) throws the family’s phones out of the mobile home window.

When was Bryan Ferry’s ‘Let’s Stick Together’ released?

The singer released ‘Let’s Stick Together‘ as a single from his third studio album of the same name, which came out in September, 1976.

The rhythm and blues based song was one of six cover songs on the album, with the original version of ‘Let’s Stick Together‘ first being released by American singer, pianist and guitarist and songwriter Wilbert Harrison in 1962.

Ferry’s version of the song was the third time the track was released, after American blues rock band Canned Heat released their own version in 1970.

It went on to become Bryan Ferry‘s most successful song in his home country of the United Kingdom where it ranked at #4 on the UK Singles chart.

A remix version of the song Ferry released 12 years later also ranked high on the UK chart.

Listen to Bryan Ferry’s ‘Let’s Stick Together’ — The Family Plan first ending credits song — in the track’s music video, which features Ferry and his band performing the song, as well as a cameo appearance from Ferry’s girlfriend at the time — superstar model Jerry Hall.

You can also hear the cool rhythm and blues track via Ferry’s album of the same name on Spotify below.


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