Listen to BTS’s ‘Euphoria’ from HBO’s Euphoria and watch the song’s gorgeous video

You’ve got to love it when the hit HBO series Euphoria uses the South Korean group BTS’s  hit song Euphoria in its Season 1 finale — Euphoria, Season 1, Episode 8, “And Salt The Earth Behind You”. Such a lovely partnership of wonderful things.

The song, by the way, was played on the season finale of the show on Sunday night as we see Ethan and Kat talking at the Winter Formal, and then they kiss.

BTS’s ‘Euphoria‘ was released back in late 2018, and is more of an unusual BTS release as, in this case, the song is a solo from band member Jungkook.

The video of ‘Euphoria‘ is also a gorgeous piece of work. It takes place in the BTS universe (aka Bangtan Universe), and uses scenes from earlier videos in the same series to tell the story.

It is not only the song that makes the ‘Euphoria‘ music video so incredibly luscious, though. It is also the fact that it begins with Debussy’s iconic and gorgeous Clair de lune, and that the camera work is so beautifully done.

Compositions staged perfectly throughout the video, such drama in so many short scenes, and such lovely shots of the BTS boys again and again in an almost lomographic way.

BTS’s ‘Euphoria’ hit charts all over the world upon release — including Canada, Hungary, France, Finland, the United States, the UK and, of course, South Korea. It ended up being the second-biggest selling song worldwide the week of its release.

Listen to BTS’s ‘Euphoria‘ from the HBO series Euphoria in the official music video below. It might be almost 9 minutes long but, man, that is a lovely thing.

And check out more from BTS on their website.

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