Listen to Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday’ from Good Omens, S2 Ep 2 – still a cool pop rock song

Buddy Holly was one of the singers featured on Season 2 of Good Omens

The second episode of the new season of Good Omens featured several cool 1960s songs on its soundtrack.

One of those songs was Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday‘, which was played on Good Omens, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Clue” as Aziraphale is listening to music as he reads various newspaper cuttings from around the world.

Everyday‘ was also sung by Gabriel while he is in the shop, and by Aziraphale who sings the song to Maggie to see if she knows what song it is.

It then shows up on several other episodes of the latest Good Omens season.

Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday‘ was written by the singer, and first released in late 1957 as the B-side of the hit song ‘Peggy Sue‘.

It went on to not only be a hit for the American singer, but has also become one of the last century’s most-covered songs.

The track has also shown up in many other TV shows and movies, besides Good Omens.

Those include the now-iconic movie Stand By Me, as well as on TV shows like Family Guy, Lost, The Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men and Party of Five.

The classic Holly song has also been placed on many critics’ Best of… lists of the last 50 years.

Listen to Buddy Holly’s ‘Everyday‘ as heard on Good Omens this week in the video, and on Spotify via the player below.

On that streaming platform, the pop track is one of the singer’s most-streamed songs with almost 95 million streams so far.


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