Listen to Caroline Rose’s ‘Money’ from ‘Lucifer’, it’s fun, rockabilly-tinged and wild

Listen to Caroline Rose’s ‘Money‘ from Lucifer

The Caroline Rose song ‘Money‘ was featured on the FOX TV series Lucifer this week — Season 3, Episode 20, “The Angel of San Bernardino“.

The track was played as Lucifer and Chloe try to find a suspect who is thought to have gotten into an altercation with someone who has now turned up deceased.

Caroline Rose’s ‘Money‘ is from her album Loner, which was released on the New West Records label in February, and is a social diatribe on our obsession with money and why it is bad.

The video for the track has Rose playing every character in a mini-movie about a cast of strange looking people at a motel, all of whom get their hands on a bag of cash at some point. Although we have no idea how, why or where it came from.

The track itself is a fun, fast-paced, rockabilly-tinged, power pop track.

As for Caroline Rose, she started out her career as a stripped-down folk singer songwriter who was always just a little bit too aware of being taken seriously. With this new release, however, she seems to have moved away from that and, frankly, it’s refreshing.

Watch the official video for Rose’s ‘Money’ below. You can also listen to the track in the Spotify widget below that.

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