Listen to Charlie Cunningham’s ‘Force of Habit’ from The Blacklist, Season 7, Ep. 2

London-based indie singer songwriter Charlie Cunningham’s ‘Force of Habit’ was featured on The Blacklist this week — The Blacklist, Season 7, Episode 2, “Louis T. Steinhil: Conclusion“.

The song was played as Frankie is with Dom waiting for the surgeon to arrive, and as Liz asks Red if he knows who was behind his kidnapping.

Charlie Cunningham’s ‘Force of Habit‘ is from his new album Permanent Way, and has a very Spanish feel to it.

No surprise really as the British singer songwriter and musician spent two years in Spain studying both Spanish flamenco music and Spanish classical guitar. Genres you will hear in much of his music.

On his return to the UK, while still playing Spanish guitar music in gigs around his local area, Cunningham also began to write indie folk songs.

He released his first EP in 2014, and his debut album Lines in 2017.

Since the release of his sophomore album, Cunningham is currently in the midst of an extended European tour, which will continue until March, 2020. Check his website for concert dates near you.

Listen to Charlie Cunningham’s ‘Force of Habit’ from The Blacklist in the official audio video above.

You can also hear his second studio album Permanent Way, which features the track, in its entirety in the Spotify widget below.

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