Listen to Charlotte Day Wilson’s ‘If I Could’ from Station 19, Season 5, Ep. 1 — who is the male poet whose voice makes this song?

Photo: ABC

Last night was a good night for cool music on the new seasons of hit TV series, including the use of Canadian R&B singer songwriter Charlotte Day Wilson’s ‘If I Could” on the soundtrack of Station 19Station 19, Season 5, Episode 1, “Phoenix from the Flame“.

The track was played on the Station 19/Grey’s Anatomy crossover show as Engine 19 is on fire.

Charlotte Day Wilson’s ‘If I Could’ is one of the singer’s latest releases, having been part of her recently released debut studio album Alpha, which came out in July via her own record label — Stone Woman Music.

The short track is more of a spoken poem than a song.

It features Day Wilson’s vocals appearing as part of a choral group in the chorus, but with the male poet, whose voice makes this piece, left uncredited both on the music video and on the Spotify release.

Because, apparently, his contribution isn’t worth mentioning, or at least that is how it would seem from his name being so noticeably absent from the release.

As it turns out, after some digging, the poet whose voice is so prominent on Charlotte Day Wilson’s ‘If I Could‘ is Canadian singer, songwriter and poet called Mustafa the Poet.

So there you have it — the name left uncredited on the video and on her Spotify release — and a talented artist who has a recent Artist on the Rise mini-documentary up on YouTube, which you can also watch below.

Listen to Charlotte Day Wilson’s ‘If I Could‘ down below. Her vocals are lovely, his spoken word is stunning.

Meanwhile, the new season of Station 19 is now airing on ABC.


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