Listen to Charlotte Dos Santos’ ‘Patience’ from The Equalizer, Season 2, Ep. 17

Brazilian-Norwegian smooth jazz singer Charlotte Dos Santos’ ‘Patience‘ showed up on the latest episode of The Equalizer this week — The Equalizer, Season 2, Episode 17, “What Dreams May Come“.

The mellow ‘Patience‘ was played as Robyn gets home and she and Aunt Vi talk.

Charlotte Dos Santos’ ‘Patience‘ was released in 2021 via the indie record label Because Music, and came with a music video featuring the singer surrounded by the sakura blossoms she sings about.

The song itself is about being in love with someone, and always trusting them to be there for you when you need them:

And the way you pick me up when I am down, babe
Feeling real low when hope is gone inside of me
Always crying and I never know where I’ll be in seven years
And then I see your smile, you brighten up my face

Dos Santos herself was born in Norway, but is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

Prior to that move, she studied jazz in Boston, MA at the Berklee College of Music,.

The indie singer released her debut EP Cleo in 2017.

Listen to Charlotte Dos Santos’ ‘Patience‘ as heard on last night’s The Equalizer in the song’s video, and on the Spotify player.

It is one of her first licensed songs for play on a hit American TV series, but isn’t likely to be her last.


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