Listen to Charly Reynolds’ ‘Neon Moon’ from The Resident, Season 5, Ep. 23 – A beautiful Brooks & Dunn cover

Indie American country music singer Charly Reynolds ‘Neon Moon‘ was played on The Resident last night — The Resident, Season 5, Episode 23, “Neon Moon“.

It was heard at the beginning of the episode as Conrad is sitting in the car at a red light remembering back to just a few months after Gigi had been born, and the first date he and Nic went on since her birth.

The song was played again at the end of the episode, as Conrad is at the bar thinking about his conversation with Nic back when they talked about finding someone else to love if either of them ever died.

It continues playing as he walks back towards Cade and Billie sitting at the bar.

With Cade looking more likely to be the woman he moves towards, it seems.

Charly Reynolds’ ‘Neon Moon‘ is a cover of the original song that was released by Brooks & Dunn way back in 1992, and then re-released in 2019, this time featuring fellow country music singer Kacey Musgraves.

Reynolds’ version of the song was first uploaded to her YouTube channel in September, 2019, and was a lovely choice from The Resident Music Supervisor for those touching scenes.

Listen to Charly Reynolds’ ‘Neon Moon‘ as heard on last night’s season finale of The Resident in the singer’s original video of her cover song, and in the one she just uploaded this week.

It was Reynolds’ first song to be featured on a hit TV series but, with how utterly gorgeous her voice is, it isn’t likely to be her last.

Listen to more of Reynolds’ music (I recommend ‘I Drive Your Truck‘) on Spotify.


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