Listen to Chvrches ‘Death Stranding’ from PlayStation 4 video game — a gorgeous sadness

The new Kojima Productions action video game Death Stranding is not only a superb game with a phenomenal cast, and a cool storyline, it also comes with an excellent soundtrack.

The best song on the Death Stranding soundtrack in my humble opinion, however, is the title song — Chvrches’ ‘Death Stranding‘.

The song was written by the Scottish band as an original track for the video game and, as the game’s writer, designer and producer Hideo Kojima said in a tweet about this, the ending song of the game, and the band —

“You can cry just by listening to this song. You’ll find out the true value of my strand with them in the game”.

Chvrches also gave a lovely live performance of ‘Death Stranding‘ on The Late Late Show with James Corden a couple of weeks ago.

Listen to Chvrches ‘Death Stranding‘ and watch that beautiful live performance in the videos below. It is a gorgeous song but oh so incredibly sad.

Death Stranding, the game, is now available on PlayStation 4, and will also be released on PC in mid-2020.

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