Listen To Chvrches ‘Warning Call’ The ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’ Theme Song

mirrors edge catalyst box art

The Scottish indie synthpop band Chvrches‘ track ‘Warning Call‘ has just been named as the theme song for the upcoming action adventure video game ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst‘.

And, according to the band, the song was written especially for ‘Catalyst’, proving Chvrches is branching out into something a little different than their usual album tracks fare.

The band says they wrote ‘Warning Call‘ from the perspective of, Faith, the game’s heroine’ as it “perfectly depicts her world, struggles, and strength.” And, as someone who loved Lisa Miskovsky’s ‘Still Alive‘ — the theme song from the previous game — I have to say I think this one is the perfect follow on. Plus, in typical Chvrches style, it’s just so catchy.

Listen to ‘Warning Call‘ in the video below to see what you think. You can pick up the track on digital music platforms now. The game itself releases on June 7th in North America, and June 9th in the EU.

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