Listen to Cigarettes After Sex’ ‘Each Time You Fall in Love’ from The Morning Show S3 Ep6

The ongoing Apple TV+ drama series The Morning Show is continuing its showcasing of cool music with this week’s inclusion of Cigarettes After Sex’ ‘Each Time You Fall in Love‘.

That lovely mellow song played towards the end of the latest episode — The Morning Show, Season 3, Episode 6, “The Stanford Student” — as Alex and Paul are in bed together.

It continued as Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) sees Laura (Julianna Margulies) outside her house, tells her she misses her, and they kiss.

When did Cigarettes After Sex’ ‘Each Time You Fall in Love‘ first come out?

The song was the third single released from the indie American dream pop band’s self-titled debut studio album.

The song was released in May, 2017 on the Partisan Records label, with the album coming out a month later.

Surprisingly, the track did not chart, but the album did.

It charted in 16 countries, including the United States, where it ranked high on four charts.

Its highest ranking though was at #1 in New Zealand, and at #2 on the UK’s Independent Albums chart.

As for Cigarettes After Sex’ ‘Each Time You Fall in Love‘, according to the band’s lead singer Greg Gonzalez, the song is about not really being satisfied with any relationship, and always looking for something different or “better”.

Something that could describe the personality flaws in half the characters in The Morning Show, couldn’t it?

And each time you kiss a girl
You never know what it’s worth
You say all of the words they wanna hear
It isn’t real

(full lyrics via AZ Lyrics)

Listen to Cigarettes After Sex’ ‘Each Time You Fall in Love‘ as heard on this week’s episode of The Morning Show on the band’s debut album via Spotify (below), and in the video.

The latest season of The Morning Show, of course, is now streaming on Apple TV +, with new episodes of the drama coming out every Wednesday.

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