Listen to Cobra Ramone’s ‘So Quiet’ from Supernatural, Season 15, Episode 6, “Golden Time”

Vancouver, BC based Cobra Ramone‘s ‘So Quiet’ showed up at the beginning of the latest episode of the dark fantasy series Supernatural last night — Supernatural, Season 15, Episode 6, “Golden Time” (aired on November 21st, 2019).

The song is from Cobra Ramone’s 2012 self-titled studio album, and was written by Cobra Ramone, Andrew DeGroot and Mike Bone. Production was by Jay Sparrow.

Back when it was released, Cobra had this to say about the theme of the song:

“So Quiet” is very dark…a young couple committing suicide to escape an imminent apocalypse. I see the images of fires and helicopters and this beautiful innocence slipping into a big, black lake in my head every time I sing it.”

Cobra Ramone herself, and yes she’s a she and not a band, is backed by Trevor Snakedust (Hammond B3) and Pat Steward (Drums).

The trio have released an album and a couple of EPs together, although they have gone pretty quiet since their last EP release back in February, 2015.

Hopefully, this cool song featured on Supernatural may give them a nudge and a reminder to release new music, as their sound is pretty damned stellar.

Listen to Cobra Ramone’s ‘So Quiet‘ from Supernatural in the video below.

If you like what you hear, you can pick up Cobra Ramone’s music on Bandcamp.

Supernatural itself will sadly be ending its run at the end of this season.

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