Listen to Cocteau Twins ‘Iceblink Luck’ from ‘Roadies’ — Beautiful and Surreal (Video)

cocteau twins iceblink luck

You may have heard a song on Sunday night’s episode of ‘Roadies‘ — “Season 1, Episode 8 — “The All Night Bus Ride” — which played when the tour bus stopped at a diner and everyone went to the gift shop. You may also have had no idea what it was or who sang it — but, nevertheless, thought it was beautiful and surreal.

What you heard was the Cocteau Twins ‘Iceblink Luck‘, a track from the Scottish dream pop band’s 1990 album Heaven or Las Vegas. And one of the best songs they have ever released.

Listen to it and watch the official video below. Isn’t that just out of this world?

And, of course, if you love the sound, you must pick up the Cocteau Twins’ album Heaven or Las Vegas. It’s their seventh album, and easily the best one they ever produced.

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