Listen to Cold War Kids’ ‘Catch Me Falling’ from The Lincoln Lawyer, S2 Ep 9 end credits

American indie rock band Cold War Kids’ ‘Catch Me Falling‘ was that cool rock song playing over the end credits of The Lincoln Lawyer, Season 2, Episode 9, “The Fifth Witness” this week.

The track begins playing at the end of the episode as Mickey is looking at the photo of Lisa, then goes up to the roof top and asks Cisco if he has any news about Mickey.

Cisco tells him things don’t look good as Walter Kim’s wife reported him missing two days before when he didn’t come home from work.

The track continues to play over the end credits.

When was Cold War Kids’ ‘Catch Me Falling‘ released?

The track came out on the indie band’s eighth studio album New Age Norms 2, which was released in August, 2020 via CWKTWO and AWAL.

The album is the second volume of a trilogy, with the third one coming out in late 2021, and was produced by Shawn Everett of Alabama Shakes and the War on Drugs.

The band members themselves said they felt as though songs like ‘Catch Me Falling‘ were of a completely different energy as some of their previous releases.

Especially as they felt, with the current five members, they were at their best after other members that weren’t such a great fit had left the band.

Listen to Cold War Kids’ ‘Catch Me Falling‘ as heard over the end credits of one of this week’s episodes of The Lincoln Lawyer in the video, and on the bands New Age Norms 2 album.


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