Listen to Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime’ Matoma Remix — Nicely Delicate

adventure of a lifetime matoma remix

Coldplay’s ‘Adventure of a Lifetime is still one of my favorite songs of last year, and now the British band has just released a new remix of the track — the Matoma Remix — on their YouTube channel.

And, while it’s not anything too drastic to completely change the sound to be almost unrecognizable like some remixes do, the ‘Adventure of a LifetimeMatoma Remix┬áhas had quite a few alterations — primarily the bass, the synth and the drums — so that the remix of the song is more delicate than the original.

Personally, I still prefer the original as I think the stronger bass and sound adds something to the song you just don’t get here. But, for a change of ‘feel’, this particular remix is quite good. And it certainly makes you want to dance.

Give it a listen in the video below.


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