Listen to Counting Crows’ ‘Colorblind’ from Cruel Summer S2 E7 as Luke and Megan kiss

Counting Crows’ piano-driven ‘Colorblind‘ is that desolate song playing as Luke and Megan kiss

That song played towards the end of this week’s episode of Cruel Summer as Luke and Megan are on the dock, and they kiss for the first time, is a popular track from the American indie rock band Counting Crows — Cruel Summer, Season 2, Episode 7, “It’s the End of the World“.

The track is Counting Crows’ ‘Colorblind‘, which came out in 1999 on the band’s third album This Desert Life.

The desolate-sounding, piano-driven track became a big hit for the band, and one of their most popular songs, after it was used on the soundtrack of the Sarah Michelle Gellar film Cruel Intentions.

The song then received even more of a lease on life in later years when it was also covered by artists like Leona Lewis, and Natalie Walker.

The album it appeared on — This Desert Life — also went on to become a hit for the American band in 11 countries.

That included chart rankings in the US and the UK, with its highest ranking in the United States at #8 on the Billboard 2oo chart.

Colorblind‘ has more than 64 million streams on Spotify

Since its release, fans have loved the song so much, Counting Crows’ ‘Colorblind‘ has earned over 25 million views on various videos of the song on YouTube, as well as over 64 million streams on Spotify alone.

Listen to Counting Crows’ ‘Colorblind‘ as heard on this week’s Cruel Summer in the video, and via the band’s This Desert Life album on Spotify.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t yet watched Episode 7, Season 2 of Cruel Summer is now streaming via Freeform.


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