Listen To Crywolf’s ‘Wake (E-Bow) Gazzo Remix’, It’s Sick

crywolf wake ebow

Looking for some electronic music that hits you in the right spot? You know, that place where the song you’re listening to hits you in the gut, worms it’s way into your head and your heart and, no matter what you do, you cannot gouge it free?


Well, that’s this amazing new release — Crywolf’s ‘Wake (E-Bow) Gazzo Remix’ — because it’s just sick.

Crywolf, of course, is the Echo Park artist who released an incredible remix of Flume’s ‘Never Be Like You recently. And…he’s done it again with this.

Listen to it below. And expect Crywolf, aka Justin Taylor Phillips, to keep popping up again and again with this brilliant stuff. He’s genius.


Michelle Topham