Listen To Dahlia Sleeps’ ‘Breathe’, It Is The Most Gorgeous Thing — Repeat Rotation Video

dahlia sleeps

I’m one of the millions of people addicted to the YouTube channel Mr Suicide Sheep, a channel of independent electronic music uploaded by an Austrian music connoisseur.


Because, every day, Mr Suicide Sheep uploads an amazing new indie electronic, and occasionally non-electronic, song he has chosen from the thousands of submissions he gets and curates every month.

Submissions from independent electronic musicians desperate to get their music noticed. And music you would probably never get a chance to hear if it wasn’t for him.

My latest addiction from Mr Suicide Sheep’s channel is a track from a London-based electronic band called Dahlia Sleeps. The track is ‘Breathe‘, and it is the most gorgeous thing.

It is also the track I’ve been listening to all day as my Repeat Rotation Video today, as I’m in a melancholic mood and this one, with its slow, sad melody and jazzy undertones, fits it perfectly.

And who are Dahlia Sleeps?

They are a four-member London based band headed by lead singer Lucy Hill and her songwriting partner Luke Hester. They have only been together since early 2015, yet have already created some quite astounding tracks (if you like ‘Breathe‘, also watch their music video for ‘Hessian‘).

Dahlia Sleeps also produces most of their own music, which you can find out more about in this excellent interview with Human Human.

Now listen to Dahlia Sleeps ‘Breathe‘ in the Mr Suicide Sheep video below. And tell me, isn’t that stunning?