Listen to Damien Jurado’s ‘Silver Timothy’ from Lucky Hank E03 as Meg and Hank do shots at the bar

American indie rock singer songwriter Damien Jurado’s ‘Silver Timothy‘ was played on Lucky Hank this week as Hank and Meg decide to do shots at the bar — Lucky Hank, Season 1, Episode 3, “Escape“.

Damien Jurado’s ‘Silver Timothy‘ is the very 60s’s sounding lead single from the rock singer’s eleventh studio album Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son.

The album came out on the Secretly Canadian record label in January, 2014.

The song’s music video features a man and a woman wandering around a desolate landscape until, by the end, the man is stopped by a giant light in the sky. It ends with him looking up into a universe full of stars.

If the mellow almost haunting ‘Silver Timothy‘ sounds familiar, you probably also heard it on the soundtrack of Outer Banks last month or even earlier than that on the Showtime drama The Affair.

Jurado himself has been creating and releasing music since 1995 and has become one of America’s most prolific indie musicians.

In the last 28 years, the singer has released more than 20 studio albums, 17 EPs, almost a dozen singles and five EPs that were only released on his tour.

Starting out on Sub Pop, he moved to the Secretly Canadian record label and then Mama Bird Recording Co label before, like many indie musicians nowadays, releasing his last two albums via his own label Maraqopa Records.

Listen to Damien Jurado’s ‘Silver Timothy‘ as heard on Lucky Hank last night in the song’s music video, and on his Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son album.

Lucky Hank is now streaming via AMC.

You can listen to more music from this episode and earlier episodes of Lucky Hank here on Leo Sigh.


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