Listen to Daniel Spaleniak’s ‘Dear Love of Mine’ from ‘Ozark’

I became addicted to the new Netflix series Ozark over the weekend, binge watching all 10 episodes in just one day.

But it is not only the storyline of Marty, his thieving business partner, his cheating wife and his spoiled kids that I loved. I was also obsessed with several of the songs the show’s music supervisors used to illustrate the story as, right from the first episode, they were perfect.

Take Daniel Spaleniak’s ‘Dear Love Of Mine‘, a song played in episode two of Ozark as Jonah is out exploring the town, and Charlotte is on in a boat on the water with a boy and then gets thrown into the water.

It is a track with a gorgeous guitar intro that melds into just pure sweetness with Spaleniak’s somewhat gravely voice and a repetitive melody that makes it almost mesmerizing. Perfect for the loveliness of the Ozark scenery we see it played against. So perfect, I had it on repeat on YouTube for over an hour the first time I heard it.

Dear Love Of Mine‘ is from Daniel Spaleniak’s second album Back Home, and has also been featured on Hulu’s Shut Eye and The Path.

Listen to the official audio of the song below.

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