Listen to Daughter’s ‘The End’ from Altered Carbon, Season 1, Episode 1, “Out of the Past”

British indie folk band Daughter’s song ‘The End‘ was featured on the first episode of the new Netflix series Altered Carbon — Season 1, Episode 1, “Out of the Past”.


The song was heard as Kovacs is getting a snake tattoo.

Daughter’s ‘The End‘ is a single the band released on the 4AD label in 2016.  The video for the song has received more than half a million views on YouTube, with thousands more added monthly.

Daughter themselves are a three-person indie band comprised of British singer Elena Tonra, Swiss guitarist Igor Haefeli and French drummer Remi Aguilella. They currently have three studio albums released, as well as four EPs and a string of singles.

Their music often appears in movies and TV series, as music supervisors seem to love their ethereal sound. In recent years, Daughter’s music has shown up in the TV series Cold Feet, Teen Wolf, Grey’s Anatomy, Our Girl, Person of Interest and The Vampire Diaries, and in movies A Long Way Down and How I Live Now.

As for the Netflix series Altered Carbon, it was released on the streaming platform a couple of days ago and is the latest project of Swedish-American actor Joel Kinnaman.

Kinnaman stars in the series, along with James Purefoy, Martha Higereda and Dichen Lachman. The series is based on the sci-fi novel of the same name by Richard K. Morgan.

Listen to Daughter’s ‘The End‘ from Altered Carbon in the video below. Their music never disappoints.

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