Listen to David Bowie’s ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ from ‘Berlin Station’ (Full Version)


The classic David Bowie track ‘Memory Of A Free Festival‘ was featured on the Epix series ‘Berlin Station‘ this week — Season 1, Episode 10, “Oratorio Berlin“.


The song was heard during the last scenes of the season finale episode, and during the credits.

Memory Of A Free Festival‘ was originally released on Bowie’s self-titled album in 1969 in its full seven-minute-plus version. It was then re-released as a shortened single in 1970, but did not do well commercially, although die-hard Bowie fans at the time loved it.

The track made a re-appearance on Bowie’s album Space Oddity in 1972.

Listen to the full version of the ‘Memory of a Free Festival‘ in the video below. Because, while the song in its two parts definitely still had impact, you only get Bowie’s real intent when you hear it in its entirety.


Michelle Topham