Listen to Dead Sea Empire’s ‘Bad Idea’ from Shameless, Season 10, Episode 9

Not only does the comedy-drama series Shameless feature some of the best songs in a contemporary TV show, it has a lot of them on every episode.

Some songs, however, stand out more than others.

Like Nashville, Tennessee-based indie rock band Dead Sea Empire’s ‘Bad Idea’. One of the most popular songs from this week’s show — Shameless, Season 10, Episode 9, “O Captain, My Captain” — due to its haunting guitar intro, stand-out guitar riffs and powerful vocals.

That track was played as Ian decides he is going to try to get Mickey back.

Dead Sea Empire’s ‘Bad Idea‘ is from the band’s self-titled debut album.

Released in 2014, the album was successfully crowd-funded, and is a piece of work the band themselves call “psychedelic and brooding”.

Sadly, the band has not been particularly active since the release of the album, with very little happening with them since 2016.

A real shame, as what they produced with their debut album is some damned cool stuff.

Listen to Dead Sea Empire’s ‘Bad Idea’ as featured on Shameless this week in the video below and, of course, on their album on Spotify (in the player below).

You can also follow the band on their Facebook page, and keep your fingers crossed that this new feature on Shameless may give them a kickstart towards producing more new music.

Especially as it is the fourth track the indie band has had used on Shameless this season.

You will find more music from Shameless here.

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