Listen to Debussy’s ‘Suite Bergamasque, L 75: Clair de Lune’ from New Amsterdam by pianist Roland Pöntinen

The utterly gorgeous classical piece Debussy’s ‘Suite Bergamasque, L 75: Clair de Lune (e la nave va, and the Ship Sails On)’ was featured on the medical drama New Amsterdam this week — New Amsterdam, Season 2, Episode 13, “In The Graveyard“.

The piece was played by the superb Swedish pianist and composer Roland Pöntinen, and was heard at the end of the episode.

Claude Debussy’s ‘Suite Bergamasque, L 75: Clair de Lune‘ is one of the French composer’s most famous works.

It was originally written in 1890, but was not released until 1905 after Debussy had made many changes to the original score.

The composer used Paul Verlaine’s famous poem ‘Clair de lune‘ as his inspiration, with the title also coming from that poem. The title itself is the French term for ‘moonlight’.

An apt title, as everything about this stunning piece makes you think of being outside somewhere far away from the trials and tribulations of the world and staring up at a calm, quiet, starlit night that is beyond perfection.

Roland Pöntinen’s recording of the famous classical piece, the version played on New Amsterdam, was originally released on the album Pianorama — Collection of Film Music for Piano on the Swedish record label BIS in 2006.

The piece was used in the 1983 Federico Fellini film And The Ship Sails On, aka E la nave va.

Pöntinen himself has played with major orchestras all over the world, and has released more than 50 recordings of his performances in the last few decades.

Listen to the gorgeous ‘Suite Bergamasque, L 75: Clair de Lune (e la nave va, and the Ship Sails On)’ performed by Roland Pöntinen in the video below, along with his album Pianorama in full.

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