Listen to Demons of Ruby Mae’s ‘Beneath The Surface’ from ‘Suits’ — Beautiful and Haunting (Video)


British duo Demons of Ruby Mae’s ‘Beneath The Surface‘ was featured on the USA TV series ‘Suits‘ a couple of weeks ago — Season 6, Episode 9, “The Hand That Feeds You“, September 7th, 2016. You heard it during the montage when Jessica brings Leonard’s daughter to meet him, and Mike leaves prison.

And it is a track that is quite haunting, both vocally and musically, and a beautiful accompaniment to those scenes.

As for Demons of Ruby Mae, they are two British multi-instrumentalists named Jonny Gavin and Adam Rowley, who hail from Leicester. They have been working and performing together since 2013. ‘Suits‘ is the first TV series their music has been featured in but, I’m guessing, it won’t be their last.

Listen to Demons of Ruby Mae’s ‘Beneath The Surface‘ in the video below. It was released in 2013, and is currently available for download on all major music  platforms.

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