Listen to Denez Prigent’s ‘Gortoz a Ran’ from ‘South Park’ — Hauntingly Beautiful


French folk singer songwriter Denez Prigent’s ‘Gortoz a Ran‘ (I Await) was featured on South Park last month — Season 20, Episode 2, “Skank Hunt” — but it’s a track I just heard for the first time today, being a bit behind on the current season.

The track was played on ‘South Park‘ when every girl at South Park Elementary broke up with their boyfriend. And, even though it was played for comedy effect, it is very hard not to think of this track as hauntingly beautiful. And sad.

Prigent’s ‘Gortoz a Ran‘ is also one of those songs that it doesn’t matter when you hear it, it is going to stick with you for a long time to come.

It is one of the most unusual pieces of music that, even though it is also so modern has such an ancient feel to it, Denez Prigent’s voice is stunning, and ‘Gortoz a Ran’ is a truly gorgeous song.

Particularly as it is sung in Breton; not a language you hear that much, and especially in songs.

Listen to Denez Prigent’s ‘Gortoz a Ran‘ in the video below. It is the first track on his 2007 album Irvi, which you can still┬ápick up on most major music sites online. And, yes, the whole album is stunning.

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