Listen to Denmark + Winter’s ‘Obsidian’ from Siren, Season 2, Episode 15 as this orchestral track is lovely

Siren TV series screenshot

Denmark + Winter are back with another song that was featured on a popular TV series. This time, it is Denmark + Winter’s ‘Obsidian‘. That song showed up on the new episode of Siren this week — Siren, Season 2, Episode 15, “Sacrifice“.

The song is beautiful, with its pretty vocals and its powerful orchestral instrumental finale. It was played as the journalist decides to kidnap Ryn, then telephones his editor to say he now has evidence.

Denmark + Winter’s ‘Obsidian‘ is a new release from the band? duo? solo artist? Because I literally have no idea who they/he/she are/is, as they refuse to put anything online about themselves.

So, this is what you get.

Listen to Denmark + Winter’s ‘just released ‘Obsidian‘ in the video below.

(UPDATE: Sorry, the video I originally embedded has already been removed by YouTube (got to wonder about some musicians and why they don’t understand having their music available in any form helps their career?) So, I’ve had to embed the scene from Siren where ‘Obsidian‘ was played — although that will probably be removed soon as well).

You can also check out their website, although you won’t find much more on it than a few tracks and some links to their social media, as they/he/she seem to like having a lack of information about who they are and what they do online (crazy!).

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