Listen to Depeche Mode’s ‘World In My Eyes’ from ‘Ready Player One’ trailer

Listen to Depeche Mode’s ‘World In My Eyes‘ from Ready Player One trailer

The Depeche Mode song ‘World In My Eyes‘ showed up on the trailer for the new science fiction adventure film Ready Player One. Since it did, the track has already become one of the most popular songs from the movie, even thought it didn’t actually appear in it.

World In My Eyes‘ is from the band’s 1990 seventh studio album Violator. It was the final single from the album, and eventually peaked in the number 17 spot on the UK Singles chart.

The album itself is still the biggest-selling album the British electronic band has ever released, and spawned the hit singles ‘Personal Jesus’, ‘Policy of Truth‘ and ‘Enjoy the Silence‘, along with ‘World In My Eyes‘.

As for the film Ready Player One, it stars Tye Sheridan and was released last Thursday in the U.S. It is already looking to be one of the year’s highest-grossing films having already grossed over $53 million during the Easter weekend alone.

Listen to Depeche Mode’s ‘World In My Eyes’ in the Spotify widget below. Because 28 years since its release, and the track is still addictive and brilliant.

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