Listen to Dive In’s ‘Eighteen’ – EP Releasing in May

dive in eighteen

British band Dive In have a new five-track EP coming out in May that sounds like it’s going to be pretty fabulous, at least if the title track ‘Eighteen‘ is representative of what we’re going to hear.

And, just in case you’re not familiar with Dive In, (and you should be as they’re going to be huge, I’m sure of it), they’re from Glastonbury, England and comprise Matthew Guttridge lead vocals, Daniel Hayes on keyboards, Adam Mason with guitar, and Stephen Evans on drums.

As for Dive In’s music, it’s sort of happy and light electro pop, and with Guttridge’s very-high-pitched-for-a-guy vocals, to me they sound a lot more like a K-pop band, to some extent, than they do a typical Brit band. Not complaining, though, as I love K-pop.

Dive In’s EP ‘Eighteen‘ will be out on Vagrant Records on May 25th. Meanwhile, listen to their first single ‘Eighteen‘ below. Personally, I find it more than a bit addictive, and I love that little guitar riff.

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