Listen to Dolly Parton’s ‘Gettin’ Happy’ from The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 5, Ep. 1

American country singer Dolly Parton’s ‘Gettin’ Happy‘ was played on the new season of The Handmaid’s Tale this week — The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 5, Episode 1, “Morning“.

The song was played as the handmaids get together and are at the diner eating.

Dolly Parton’s ‘Gettin’ Happy‘ is from the singer’s fourteenth solo album Love Is Like a Butterfly. That album came out in September, 1974, and made it to #7 on the U.S. Country Albums chart. It went on to become most known for its title track becoming one of Parton‘s signature songs.

Parton’s ‘Gettin’ Happy‘ is an upbeat track in which the iconic artist sings about meeting the man she is now in love with, after years of believing that love was not for her.

The song begins with a long instrumental intro, until Parton’s inimitable vocals kick in and take you off on a glorious ride.

Listen to Dolly Parton’s ‘Gettin’ Happy‘ from last night’s The Handmaid’s Tale in the video, and on her Love is Like a Butterfly album.


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