Listen to Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby’ from The Idol, Episode 2

Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby‘ provides a great ending to a poor drama

The latest season of the HBO Max drama series The Idol is now out with a number of decent songs on its soundtrack.

Those songs include Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby‘, which was the track playing over the end credits of The Idol, Season 1, Episode 2, “Double Fantasy” this weekend.

That song nicely ended the newest episode of what is probably the worst drama of 2023.

But hey, at least the horribly acted, even worse written show features good music to soften its nasty blow, eh?

When was ‘Love to Love You Baby‘ released?

Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby‘ is a song the American disco pop singer released in 1975 as the lead single from her second studio album of the same name.

The track went on to become a worldwide dance hit, as well as to be the first disco song to ever get an extended version, and one the clubs used to play so many times their copies must have worn out.

Love to Love You Baby‘ charted at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100, #4 on the UK Singles chart, in the Top 10 in 10 other countries and in the Top 20 in four more.

It has since gone on to be named on various music critics’ lists as one of the best songs ever released.

Even though at the time of its release some radio stations, including the BBC, refused to play it due to its overtly sexual theme.

Listen to Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby‘ as heard over the end credits of The Idol this week in the disco track’s music video, and on Summer’s sophomore album.

It is a song that, nowadays at least, is quite tame compared to what we often get from today’s often even more sexualized music artists, eh?

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